Who does he think he is?

Something about Tobias

Tobias is linguistically messed up. Born in Sweden, and living half his life in Denmark, he’s decided to simply keep this in English for now. You know, just to throw everyone off at the same time.
From a much too early age, his life was corrupted by metal (music, it’s not like he has superpowers or anything) and too much film watching. Or just an appropriate amount, depending on who you ask.
At a tender age, he was bit by a mad Elder God, and as he had neither branch nor star to protect him, he’s been a devotee of horror ever since.

His interests go in many directions, such as writing, acting, directing, drawing, and the like. Well, looking at it now, it doesn’t actually look like too many directions, does it? The best way to sum it up however, is by calling it storytelling. Whether it be on paper, stage, or film, it’s always been about telling stories. Fictional ones are definitely preferred, and if they go in a darker direction, why then so be it. Also, he tends to ramble, but you’ve probably figured that out for yourself by now.

Besides the fiction, Tobias has for years been spreading misinformation about music at Metalmoments, and films at Letterboxd. Gotta keep flexing those writing muscles, you know.