I write, you read

That’s the deal

But why? Why should you listen, or rather read, a word I say? Or write, as the case is here.
That’s the question, innit?
Well, here’s as good a reason as any, I guess – I want you to.

Simple as that. But why? Because I enjoy writing. Yet, as fun as it is to write, it as any other artform, is only as interesting and relevant as its beholder – and that’s where you come in.
No, I’m not announcing my selling out, only doing what the audience wants, but the fact of the matter is that if one, me in this instant, wants to properly be able to do what one, still me, wants to do, get better at it, have the surplus of energy to really dig into it, and in the end hopefully make a living off of it, one, yeah you know the drill me me me, has to have an audience.
Where would Shakespeare’s Hamlet be without an audience? Locked up in the nutter, and forgotten by the world, that’s where. But since Shakespeare put him out there for all the world to see, and because the world watched, and continues to this day to watch, Hamlet is one of the world’s most famous celebrities – and he’s not even real!
I don’t want to end up in the nutter. I have no grand delusions of becoming as big as Hamlet either, but then again, I had a properly functioning family growing up, and I wouldn’t want to trade that in either.

But, we’re getting off track here. So, back to the point. My first blog. My grand declaration to the world.
I want to write. And I need your help doing it. I promise I’ll do my best to keep you interested, and while you can leave at any given moment of course, maybe you’ll say; “Why not stick around a little longer? See what weird stuff he’ll think of next?”
So what do you say? You wanna do this with me? Ready to go? Then let’s get this adventure under way!

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