Nilsonian Timely – 2020, issue 1

Hear ye, hear ye!

Welcome to the first issue of the Nilsonian Timely.
Contrary to what you’ve seen here in the past, where I’ve discussed specific issues in an attempt at being motivational, or delivering straight up fictional stories (using the plural here, as there is a definite plan to give you more of this later on), the Nilsonian Timely will cover news about what’s going on in my life and other news related topics (things that I deem relevant to this site, that is).
Some of this will have shown up in the newsletter, but if you’re a newsletter subscriber you’ll have first crack at whatever shows up, so go sign up! Don’t worry, I’ll wait till you come back.


All done? Great, time to move on!
Having gone into the site, you may or may not have noticed something different about it. For the keen of sight, there has been added a new section to the menu; “Gallery”.
I’ve been wanting to add a gallery to the site for some time now, and have been fidgeting around with it in the background. Now, I’ve finally reached a point where I find it satisfying enough to release it to the public, which I of course have.
In it, you’ll find photos and/or screenshots of the various productions I’ve been part of. Not all, sadly, because sometimes the photo coverage hasn’t been available, or I haven’t been able to obtain the rights to use certain material. I’ll have to respect that, of course.
You’ll notice that the photos are of a higher quality than most of the screenshots, and that’s because the source material I’ve worked with have had a swinging quality in itself, and also that my screenshooting-fu isn’t black belt level as of yet. Still, I thought the images presented were good and/or fun enough to include anyway, and I hope you’ll agree.
I’ve also added photo/film credits wherever possible, but should I be so lucky that you who are not credited, or know someone who’s not, should pop around, please write me and I’ll fix that forthwith.


This may be mostly of interest to the Danes watching this site, but I’ll put it up anyway – use it for what you will.
As you may or may not remember, this April I was set to perform in a play at Glostrup Amatør Scene (Glostrup Amateur Stage), but as with everything else, COVID19 put an effective stop to that. We have been hanging in production limbo since then, unsure of what the future would hold for us.
Earlier this week though, based on the gradual opening of Denmark, it was decided that rehearsals for “Dagenes lys” (eng. The light of days) would pick up again from September, and a new premiere date has been set for February 2021. This is of course exciting, and I’ll be glad to head back to a theatre stage again! Right now there’s not much more to say about it, but I’ll post updates here and on my Facebook page with new developments.

This has been all for the first ever issue of the Nilsonian Timely.
Glad to have had you, and I look forward to checking in with you again at a later date.
As always, if there’s anything you’d like to ask about, or wishes for the blog etc., don’t hesitate to reach out via response to the blog, or email me – whatever suits you best!

For now,
Cheers, and respectfully yours

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