Nilsonian Timely – 2020, issue 2

Hear ye, hear ye!

It’s always nice to be appreciated, isn’t it?
It is, that’s the obvious answer.

Hence, I’d like to share a little event from last week with you.
At Hvidovre Amatørscene, the theatre that I am currently a member of, there is a yearly award ceremony – nothing big, just a bit of in-house fun. We’ve called the award a Reumert, the same name that the national stage art award holds.
The categories are “Årets Hovedrolle” (Leading actor of the year), “Årets Birolle” (Supporting actor of the year), and “Årets Backstage” (Backstage hand of the year), and this year I got the backstage award, in recognition of the sound and video work I provided for “Tårnspringeren”.
I must say, I was a bit surprised, and very honoured. An especially big thanks goes out to my audio partner, and at the time main sound technician of the theatre, Thomas bro Christiansen, for taking me on board this production, and supporting me through the endeavour.
I’ve been awarded one Reumert in the past, “Årets Hovedrolle” in 2015 for “Erasmus Montanus”, and the diplomas now compliment each other well on my wall at home. Now I just need a “Årets Birolle”, and the set will be complete, ha ha!

In other news

I’ve recently acquired a sound device, a Tascam DR-701D, and after getting the hang of how it works, I hope to incorporate more sound at this site.
One request that has come up is audio book versions of the stories (yup, still more to come) I post here on the blog. How do you feel about this, is it something that might be of interest? And if so, what kind of audio books do you prefer – straight up readings, or readings with added soundscapes, such as music and sound effects?
I’ve never tried the latter, but it might be something that’d be fun to play around with. Feel free to weigh in with any ideas in the comments below.

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