Escape from Peakston

There’s mystery afoot

In 1621, something happened in the village of Peakston.
For four hundred years now, it has been covered in a mysterious mist, and worse still, stuck in time.
A curse has been laid, and only someone from the outside can help lift it, but they’ll need their wits about them to succeed.

Peakston is an online escape room created by EscapeHome, targeted to the youth of Denmark as something to do during the long lockdown.
It’s free to play (although reservation is needed), and anyone can have a go at it. It plays twice a day on the first, second, and third of April, 2021.

Why am I mentioning this?
Because I play one of the villagers in Peakston, that’s why.
Yup, enter the mysterious village caught in time, and you might just run into me in the pub, in the library, at the town square, or one of the many, many other locales ready to be investigated.
This is a wholly new way of acting for me, and I look forward to this new experience. We’ve had a couple of preliminary meetings already, and things are shaping up nicely. So why not set a short hour off to try something unique?

For more info and ticket booking, please visit:

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