Nilsonian Timely – 2021, issue 1

Hear ye, hear ye!

So, it’s March – welcome to the new year!
Time for some timely updates, or so I thought.

So, what’s new around here, then?
Well, two major things mainly, and those are the ones being looked into here.

First off, I have just a couple of days ago finished the first draft of a stage adaptation of Mary E. Wilkins Freeman’s “The Shadows on the Wall” (1903).
I first came in contact with this story as it was discussed on the H. P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast (
The description of the story had my attention, and shortly afterwards I searched the story out on the net.
When reading the story, I fell in love with the dialogue between the three sisters, and felt that the story lent itself well to a stage adaptation, so that’s what I set about doing. The original story is very dialogue driven, and I’ve kept as much of the text as is, only tweaking slightly for those passages that needed a bit more spoken explanation. Oh yeah, and translating it into Danish, of course.

As with everything else, our dear theatre is of course closed at the moment, but I’m hoping for a chance to put this on as a real show when we open back up. It’s only a short one-act affair, so maybe it should be coupled with some other story, who knows? I’ll keep you posted!
Also, if you have a good suggestion of short horror/spooky stories that might lend themselves to the stage, I’d be happy to hear from you in the comments below. Preferably written by females, as that’s a theme I’d like to explore, and also ones that are not under current copyright restrictions.

Page 1 of the script, with all the glorious typos of a first draft

I’ve also done some acting in recent days.
An agency that I’m signed up with, DASK – Dansk Skuespillerkatalog, arranged for a two-part competition to keep its members active through the less work-filled days.

First step, write a monologue based on the COVID-19 situation.
From the texts sent in, three were picked to proceed to step two, in which all members of the agency could have a go at performing one or more of the monologues of choice.
The filmed performance was then sent in, and the author together with the agency decided which performance of each text was the best one, and here’s the twist –
I won!

I chose a text written by Berit Cedergreen Bech, and I’m happy to announce that my take on it was picked as the best one of this particular text.
I had a lot of fun doing it, and am quite glad with the result. The text was filmed as a one-take with some additional inserts on a Huawei Mate 10 Lite, using the Open Camera app, and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
The text is in Danish, but if you want to check it out, you can do so right here! And feel free to comment on it down below!

“(Monologue 3) Winner – Tobias Nilsson – written by Berit Cedergreen Bech”

In other news

So, what’s ahead now?
I’ve got a story I’m working on, with the working title “Black Water, Red Sand”.
It’s a short horror story, based on our vacation in Iceland last summer, so look forward to that!
I’m also working on a script for a short movie, which has been simmering for a while, and I look forward to getting back into.
A mate of mine, Tobias Enevoldsen (whom I collaborated with on the music video for Seven Foot Frank’s “Visions of Fire”) also has a short sketch/scene he’s been working on for a while, which I am set to play in. After having been on the back burner for a while, as we didn’t have a good location to film it in, things might just be loosening up there as well, but more on that later. All I can tell you, is that it’s going to be fun!

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